When you're ready to Create Peace Of Mind And Heart
And Reconnect To Your Own Higher Truth

I think we’ve all known times when we’ve felt as though our lives aren’t working out and there’s a lack of peace of mind, body or heart. Or times when it appears that everything is actually going perfectly ~ and yet there’s still something missing.

In Higher Truth ~ Reconnection can reveal that peace of mind and heart, and deliver that missing something. I guess you could say it allows us to experience the Love, Harmony and Abundance that we’re all looking for and all deserve!

Still The Mind

Still the MindWe’ve all had issues or circumstances that make us feel trapped or blocked in some way, unable to cope, limited by our emotions. No matter how much you’ve struggled or for how long you’ve struggled, the possibility always exists for you to set yourself free!

Heal-thy Body

The human body has the inherent capacity to self heal, yet we can often find ourselves sick, tired and experiencing symptoms and disease. Reconnection can remove blocks to health, allowing you to experience a revolution with your well-being and healing!

Free the Spirit

Free the SpiritAs awareness increases and unconscious perceptions no longer run our lives, we can be in ever-increasing connection with our own Higher Truth. By aligning with Truth, we personally embody and realize the power of Truth… and that is to live a life of freedom!

Our lives are made up of constant choices; we can choose what we think about, what we say, and how we show up to everything, on every level. Those choices literally define the life we live and who we become. In Higher Truth ~ Reconnection can dissolve through our unconscious conditioning, returning true freedom of choice back to us, allowing us to live our lives in fulfillment, joy, and in integrity with ourselves. Freedom, sometimes from a lifetime of suffering, is waiting.

To experience your own In Higher Truth ~ Reconnection
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What is Reconnection and what can it offer you?

“There is a force in the universe which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.” Mahatma Gandhi

My client recently stated the same thing in different words about her Reconnection process ~ “Letting go to the Divine restores us to our Essential Selves where we are whole in every way.”

A Reconnection process is a simple undoing of our blocks to peace and well being. It allows us to witness, and know as healed, not only the blocks and patterns we were aware of, but also those that we hadn’t known how to heal, or wouldn’t have known we even had.  “The past is undone in the present and thus the future is released” – which really is as simple as saying that by perceiving light, truth is revealed and darkness automatically disappears.

A Reconnection process is a guided internal journey, as effortless as a fairy tale to follow along. You remain fully conscious and responsive throughout the process. I will guide you to elicit your own truth, elicit what you most need to clear, dissolve your old patterns and blocks, and in their place experience understanding, forgiveness, and peace of mind, body and soul.

To me, Reconnection is what we all ultimately seek, it is simply an expression of our evolution. When we are willing to stop overlaying our own misguided perceptions onto our life ~ that we are somehow broken or not enough, that we need to figure life out, that we ourselves or our lives should be different from how they are, or that we refuse to move on from how things were ~ when we are willing to stop our habitual projections and just be with what is ~ then we finally ask… and our answer is given.

I look forward to sharing an experience that allows you an open pathway to your own inner wisdom, an experience that you can repeat for yourself and/or access at will, in full or in part at any time.

I believe it is the privilege of the loved to love, of the forgiven to forgive, and the blessed to bless. My life has been guided and blessed and Reconnection is my way to extend and expand that blessing.

To experience your own In Higher Truth ~ Reconnection
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Reconnection isn’t something I decided to do with my life,
it’s who I am, what I live, and the gift I am guided to share.

I experienced my own past pains and traumas and was guided and gifted with the means to transcend those experiences. Today those experiences, and the love and forgiveness that healed them, are my greatest gifts. They provide me with, what I experience to be, a deep empathy, rapport, understanding and joyful connection with others.

As my life unfolded I became aware that there was an instinctive truth within each of us and I realized the importance of living in alignment with that truth. Finding that alignment for myself showed me that there is nothing to be healed, only truth to be revealed, but initially I resisted sharing it for the one reason we all resist anything… because of my own fears.

Situations and experiences that were to me nothing less than miraculous, left me with absolute clarity that even when we are fearful, if we can just remain open, life will work through us ~ dissolving our fears and pains and replacing them with empowerment and peace ~ dissolving our non-forgiveness and judgments and replacing them with forgiveness and love. Both internally and externally we find that our turmoil has disappeared and harmony has taken its place.

It has been my privilege to work with people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse beliefs, assisting them to uncover, step through, and find closure from perceptions that have caused spiritual, emotional and physical dis-ease. Sometimes people have experienced specific traumas they know they want to find peace with and sometimes they are experiencing a lack of peace in one or more areas of their lives, but the cause/s are unknown to them and are deeply buried.

The Innate Intelligence within each of us, guides us to wholeness when we seek it. I have witnessed that intelligence expressed through different languages, beliefs systems and spiritual backgrounds including non-spiritual backgrounds. That intelligence guides us whatever our beliefs and regardless of what “name” we have given to it such as God, Love, or Inner Wisdom. It responds to us if we are eighty-six and atheist calling it “my Other than Conscious Mind” or if we are six years old and call it “Superman.” It meets us where ever we are and only requires us to be willing.

To find yourself seeking or researching emotional healing work is to know that, on the deepest level, you are ready to experience ease and freedom and live in integrity with your own Higher Truth ~ starting in this moment now!

To experience your own In Higher Truth ~ Reconnection
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“All your past except its beauty is gone and nothing is left but a blessing.”   ~ A Course In Miracles


Mission Statement: To help people free themselves of dis-ease and limitation
and live a life of ease and freedom, by sharing a path of Reconnection
to their own Higher Truth.


Ashley McKenna
Ashley McKenna


The Re-connection process was the ONE experience that transformed my awareness, entire way of thinking, and hence living!
K.A. - New Jersey

Working with Ashley was a life changing process. I spent three hours with this enlightened professional and traveled through both my mind and soul… people I know have said that I seem to be a different and better person.

I had been told by my doctor that I must change my physical and mental state to survive. My sessions with Ashley have helped me to do just that.

Thank you, Ashley, for changing and saving my life. I will always keep you in my heart.
K.R. - New Jersey

I feel like a different person already. I feel so much more relaxed, confident, free to be myself...I can't believe how effortless it is. I can barely remember how I felt before when I had these beliefs. They all used to seem so important, such a source of anxiety, and now they're so completely gone...

I feel more relaxed, more certain, much calmer, much happier. I am free to say "no" when I want to and understand that others don't "need" me. People treat me differently...men and women. Every interaction seems to be such a joy!

I'm amazed at how different it all feels, you helped me more than words can say!
J.C.- California

Even with all my surface mental skepticism, I was swept effortlessly into a deep state of consciousness that was so profound, I’m still comprehending who I am, I’ve never experienced anything like it. You did a beautiful job of facilitating by telephone.

I think what moved me most is that all the wisdom I received was FROM MY OWN SELF. What can be more valuable? I feel so fortunate, even privileged to have had the chance to work with you. And it all has happened long distance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart.
S.K. - Massachusetts

Thank you again for the wonderful journey you took me (and all of us) on this past Tuesday. What an amazing gift of knowing you afforded me, and healing. I was most of all surprised at how quickly I was able to drop into my subconscious self, and then further on into this hypnotic state of soul awareness!
L. S. - San Diego

I was skeptical at first of working on the phone wondering about the results. Ashley removed any doubts. She has such a nurturing presence on the phone. I was in the comfort of my own home and I was able to open up freely.

I was able to understand and let go of my fears and ghosts of my past. I now have a happiness that comes from deep within and a calm inner strength that keeps me at peace and balance. (Ashley) never judged where I was in my life experiences and provided a very safe loving place for me to explore and create a unity of emotions allowing self love.

I highly recommend her talents to anyone who has an opportunity to experience such spiritual growth… I remember as a child I used to wake up happy and now it's back.
D.R. - Seattle

Thank you for your gentleness....it's nice to know someone is strong enough to let me be who I really am. I can't tell you how much your kindness, patience, acceptance and understanding just radiate… It's a wonderful relief to experience such gentleness, wisdom, and guidance...especially as I've been trying to work through everything all alone for so long. Thank you Ashley!
J.C. - Redlands

It was great and it all tied in with my blood cell analysis. (Stating how the Physical process correlated with the analysis that was provided in later blood work.)
Event Participant Comment

This really helped me... Ashley is magical and stuck with me until I emerged a more open person. She’s an angel.
Event Participant Comment

My experience with Ashley was worth the price of the whole seminar. (Commenting on a 75 minute process received during a $3000, 5 day residential retreat.)
Event Participant Comment

I have been able to live what my process revealed. I feel very light and happy… I am more positive, I am making better choices for myself. I felt like I was finally giving myself permission to just be me. You were meant to do this you have the inner knowledge to help others through their turmoil.
K.M. - New Jersey

That feeling and the patterns that came with it had been with me since I was 9 years old. Areas of my body feel better and better; my stomach, colon and intestinal tract. Also, there is a section of my lower back that used to really tighten up and feel sore, I can sense that healing itself. The psoriatic lesions on my skin are starting to breakup.

I feel energized and WANT to heal myself more. It is also allowing me to receive abundance and acknowledgement. I am on a great journey and I thank you for it!!!
C.G. - New Jersey

I was really surprised to find that I had so much new energy, which in turn created a spirit of cheerfulness and optimism that has lasted. I feel so much more present and human!

I felt safe with you and could see how capable you are. And your continued openness to me confirmed what a lovely person you are!
E.L. - California